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Rodent Wars

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Rodent Wars Uploaded by Arcadeplay on Destroy the enemy rodents bases. Rating: 5
  • Description:

    Destroy the enemy rodents bases.

  • Instructions:

    Use mouse to click and hold and release to fire enemies.


User Score
facebook photo Rory Dawtry 1208363890
agunsson 56213660
bul 10441300
facebook photo Piotr Miękina 8534070
sawa77 1743070
MUMUD 1496870
facebook photo Jakub Urban 561320
anyelox 488170
leah 465680
Ajisek007 422330
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Badges You Can Earn!

  • icon

    Fast Win

    You broke the enemy down in 30 seconds.

  • icon

    Fast Lose

    You lost in under 2 minutes.

  • icon


    You captured 10 burrows for combat.

  • icon

    Some suits

    You opened 5 kinds of suits.

  • icon

    Multi Kill

    You killed over 150 enemy warriors.

  • icon


    You gained 50000 points.

  • icon


    Youve completed 10 missions.

  • icon

    Long Play

    You played the mission for over 5 minutes.

  • icon


    You managed to kill 100 enemy units in a mission.

  • icon


    Youve opened all the basic suites.

  • icon

    Game Finished

    Youve completed all the missions.

  • icon


    You opened all the suites.

  • icon

    I Love Points!

    You gained over 100000 points!

  • icon


    You captured all the burrows in all missions.

  • icon


    You collected all suits, passed all missions and opened all achivements.


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